Corporate philosophy | PHILOSOPHY

Mission Statement

Akiyo Hirakubo President and CEO

TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Our first priority is to serve our customers with superior product quality to ensure their satisfaction.
TO OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS: Our first priority is to provide them with the best products and hospitalities and creating a solid business relationship.
TO OUR TEAM: Our first priority is to provide our team members a comfortable workplace where associates can work with pride.
Last but not least we are committed to operating in full respect of our environment and its resources. We are as well fully prepared to contribute to local communities in their efforts to preserve the environment.
We are fully devoted to conduct our daily business activities in utmost professionalism as well as serving our community.

Management Principles

To serve our communities through our daily business activities, aiming for the company’s eternal prosperity with our four Commitments – Commitment to our customers, Commitment to our business partners, Commitment to our employees and associates, Commitment to our communities. To serve our customers with superior products and hospitalities.

Management Philosophy

Our basic management philosophy is that all our team members collaborate together to achieve our “Business Vision” regardless of the task, and in full appreciation and respect towards one another.

Company Motto

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